New Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Thursday, June 13, 2024
A Family of Encouragers

Sunday Morning

       Every Sunday Morning at 9am New Piney Grove
               offers bible study classes for all ages.
                       We offer a variety of general classes as well as a specialty classes:
                  General Classes                                    Specialty Classes
                      Men                                                      Finding Your PLACE in Ministry
                      Women                                                 FOUNDATIONS of Our Christian Faith
                      Young Adult                                           New Members' Orientation
                      Youth                                                    Purpose Driven Life Series
                      Couples                                                 Financial Peace University
S.T.E.P. Into Sunday Morning Bible Study
The first letter of the acronym S.T.E.P.  is "S" which stands for "STUDY", which encourages us to do what????  
"Study to show thou self approved".
Sunday Morning Bible Study is but one way to show obedience to God.
If you do not regularly attend Sunday Morning Bible Study,
prayerfully dedicate yourself in the month of November to join us.
Looking forward to greeting you on Sunday mornings at the door.
In Christ,
The Sunday Morning Bible Study Ministry
Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:00am-9:45am