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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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CPR Ministry

New Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Communications & Public Relations (CPR) Ministry
We communicate the activities of NPG through:
             Newspaper                                                        Billboard
                   Telephone                                                           Radio
Our Mission Statement
The purpose of the Communications and Public Relations Ministry is to improve the internal and external communications of the New Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church by raising the church’s profile at the community, the state, and the regional levels. The Communications and Public Relations Ministry serves as the multimedia news and promotions Ministry communicating information to foster a better understanding of the Church and its contributions to the surrounding communities.
Why CPR?: So that we can catalog and keep a pictorial history of church activities and events.
Opportunities: There is a great opportunity for you to utilize your photographic, creative, and organizational skills while watching God’s people at work and at play.
             Our Goals
To strengthen the Church’s image.
To meet the public relations needs of the Church and Pastor.
To communicate the Church's teachings, activities and accomplishments.
To provide accurate news and other information about the Church.
To coordinate the Church's communications.
To contribute time, talent and other resources to the Church Ministries for its   continued spiritual growth and vitality
To deliver the highest levels of professionalism.
How do I work with the Communications & PR Ministry?
In order to work with the Communications Team, a “Communications Request Form” must be completed and returned to us in a timely manner. God has blessed the Communications Ministry with a staff of creative and innovative people that can work closely with each ministry in publicizing their respective events.  We assist you with the following:                                                                                                                
          Article Writing/Press Releases                                       
          Public Service Announcements (PSAs)    
          Fliers and/or Posters
Please click HERE to complete and submit a Communications Request Form.
Best Practices and Guidelines
What, Where, When! Make sure that you have secured the date, location, time and activities before submitting a request to the CPF. Please specify all contact person’s information such as best telephone number, fax and e-mail address. If you are planning keynote speakers, it is best practice to secure them immediately after securing the date.
Pick A Theme: You must pick your theme with a scripture reference prior to any announcements. It will also help to submit a brief description and purpose of your event to the CPR. This will assist the CPR Ministry in matching your event with the best possible media avenue for promotion..
What’s In It for Me! Let your audience know what’s in it for them. What will your audience gain from attending this event? (i.e., free resource information on breast cancer, learn how to write a budget, etc.).
Who benefits and Why! If you are planning an event to benefit a specific group or organization, please identify who will benefit from your program with a brief explanation. Also, list any background information that may be relevant to the event. This is another avenue to get the media’s interest. Media loves stories about events that benefit the community in need. (i.e.,  Christmas party to benefit women and children in homeless shelters.)
In the Spotlight! Corporate and local sponsors love to have their name in the spotlight. Sponsors like to see budget information or “What will it cost them?” Sponsors also like ADVANCED written notice (sometimes six months or up to a year). A named Sponsor can also help in the advertising of your event. If you are using a sponsor for name only, don’t forget to get permission. If you secure a sponsor during the promotion of your event, you should let the CPR Ministry know immediately.
FEE or FREE! Any cost to attend? Most free events are posted in local publication’s calendar of events section or online calendars at no charge. However, the CPR must receive the event information within a timely manger. (Remember you are competing with churches who give these free publications their yearly calendar at the beginning of the year; first come, first served.)   You may want to look into advertising rates if your event requires a fee or ticket sales. If so, the CPR will need to know your marketing budget. 
Did you get permission! It is best practice to get the permission first of a renowned speaker, pastor, company, church or any name that will be used in the promotion of your event. This keeps everything legal.
Don’t Miss The Deadline! To allow sufficient time for the CPR to adequately cover your event, you must have all of the above information ready and submitted typed on the attached form 45-60 days prior to the event. It is the goal of the CPR ministry to provide each event with the best communication and public relations in a timely manner.
Deadline Dates:
          Radio Announcements - Allow 60 days or more
          Press Releases -   Allow 45 days (after signed approvals)
          Newspaper Announcements - Allow 45 days
          Creation of graphics for posters - Allow 15 days
          Creation of posters/flyers - Allow 10 days
          Request photographer at an event – Allow 7 days
Internal Events! The goal of the CPR ministry is to also assist in communicating internal events to the church population through bulletins boards and posters. Please follow the same format for internal events.
If you wish to work with us you may contact our team at:
Team Members
Sheilah Butler, Ministry Leader   
Photographers: Darren Stephenson, Debra Bell , Kathleen Powell, Kyana Jackson,
Art Directors:  Denise Mickle
Editorials: Stan Woods
Media Contacts: Misty Brown, K’Andrea Foreman
Become a Member of the Communications Team